Bridge Leisure Management: Case Studies

Bridge Leisure Management was formed in 2008 and has worked with a wide range of caravan park owners, large groups and corporate investors to provide services such as support for growth and management of distressed parks.

Our team boasts many years of holiday park management and development experience and we are the only consultants to the industry who have successfully run holiday parks in our own right.

Companies we have worked with include:

A major UK bank: we provided independent support and advice to a major UK bank and some of its clients on operational issues for a range of independently owned caravan parks. This service has included roles for groups in distress and single parks struggling to make the best of their business.

Pontins: we took full management responsibility for this well-known group during its four months in administration. Bridge Leisure had day-to-day operational responsibility for all Pontins parks and involvement in the eventual sale of the business.

Aberdeen Asset Management: we have an ongoing contract to manage a mid-sized caravan park for Aberdeen Asset Management on behalf of an institutional investor. Bridge Leisure has full management responsibility for the park, its team members and all operations.

KPMG: we have worked across a range of appointments relating to distressed park assets, including a large group in administration where Bridge Leisure took full management responsibility during the administration period, and providing operational advice and support to a smaller group in financial distress.

Deloitte: we completed a mix of short and longer term roles relating to distressed parks, including one year management of a mid-size park during its administration, plus a number of roles assessing and reporting on operations and risks to administrators at the onset of park administration.

Clydesdale Yorkshire Bank: we provide independent operational reviews for a number of the bank’s clients where trading is falling short of expectations or banking requirements